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UX/UI Design | Front-end Web Development | Online Marketing & Lead Generation | Graphic Design

Let's keep things simple. You can call me Lila.

I believe that good design starts with understanding your users, and that how a website looks is only one piece of the design puzzle. As the Web Designer at a corporate law firm, I rely heavily on my knowledge of usability guidelines and best practices to design elegant and highly functional user interfaces. I have been actively involved in the development of many of the firm's internal applications from concept creation to development and have become committed to using more user research and testing to improve the user experience of the products we produce.

Prior to my current position, I was working as the Senior Web Developer at one of California's biggest plaintiff-side law firms. As a key member of the marketing department, I was involved in the execution of various online marketing campaigns, as well as the design and development of lead-generating websites and landing pages.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Commuications and I am also UX Certified. I have been told by a previous supervisor that I have a knack for coming up with solutions and processes that increase efficiency and the overall quality of the work produced by the teams that I work on.

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